Protesters Invite Citizens to Reject the Election Results

reporter: Syamsir hasan/Zubair

ON 2 JULY 2018 at 1.00 pm, the mass who called themselves as supporters of two candidate pairs namely AR RAHMAN and VEGATA who supported by the Donggala Bersatu Community Forum invited Donggala residents to reject the election results. They aim to protest the office of Supervisory Committee (Panwas) of Donggala.

The mass accused that local election is full of fraud, injustice and dishonesty done in a systematic and massive structured by General Election Commission (KPU) and SAKAYA candidate. Before the mass action of approximately 500 people went to the first Electoral Supervisory Committee (Panswaslu), the demonstrators conducted oration by burning tires on the highway in front of the Central Sulawesi Bank of Donggala Region at around 11:00 am.

Like the previous action (30/6/2018), the demonstrators received Chairman of Supervisory Committee, Moh. Rifki, SH. The mass accused the non-channeling of the C-6 KWK voters' invitation to voters registered in the DPT which are estimated to be around 20% and have an impact on voter participation that is only in the 70% range.

'' This is done by the organizers at the level of KPPS which in fact almost 70% of its organizers are arranged and directed by the village to help the candidate pair number two, '' said the demonstrators. The action heated up because it had to burn the tires in front of the wall of supervisory committee’s constraints.

There is also evidence of photographs which the records will be submitted to Panwaslu and the election supervisor is asked to follow up the findings. Whether it is a duplicate voter list (DPT) allegedly totaling 10,000 votes with indications of duplicate ballot paper findings, the discovery of vote results from polling stations or TPS is not in sync with C1 KWK held by witnesses. So that it indicated the manipulation of KPPS votes to win a specific candidate pair.

Rifki finally called candidate pair number 1, Dr. Anita and number 3 Vera Elena Laruni with their success team represented by one person to give a testimony. While outside the venue, the protesters were still conducting the oration. No official results were obtained between Panwas, Dr Anita and Vera Laruni with their success team.

While Vice Chairman of SAKAYA Success Team, Taufik admitted his side is currently waiting for the results set by KPU (2/7/2018). '' Whatever the consequences are, the SAKAYA winning team will wait the results of recapitulation calculations of the authorities from KPU, and we appreciate the attitude of other candidate pairs, "he said. He hopes that the supporters of SAKAYA candidate to cool down, have well-mannered attitude and do not over-reacted. '' Let's wait for the recapilulation process of KPU according to the stages and schedule set by KPU Donggala, "he said.**
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