The Tatanga Sub District Office Does Not Change Budget

Reporter: Firmansyah

HEAD Of the Regional Development Planning Board (Bappeda) Palu Arfan confirmed that the transfer of the location of the construction of the Tatanga Sub-district office from the previous site to the former Duyu Health Center did not change the regional budget (APBD). This means it does not change the budget, but only the name change, he explained. It was revealed during a hearing with Commission C City of Council on (26/6/2018). 

About the budget fluctuation of the implementation of the physical work planning of the municipal government, related to the construction of housing office and residential area in the list of budget transfers of the Tatanga sub-district office, the construction of Tourism office, the construction of Zero Monument, the Median development on Jalan Moh Yamin, and the construction of the Inspectorate's office.

According to Arfan, in 2016 the land acquisition for the construction of the Tatanga sub-district office has been completed. However, its development in 2017, there was the construction of the Duyu Small Hospital at the new location. So that the former health services for the community is not used. According to him, through the municipal government meeting which, according to his confession, did not attend, the office of the Tatanga sub-district was transferred to that place.

I did not attend the meeting, but the reason of the construction site was transferred to Duyu because the sub-district office now still contracted a shop on Jalan Pue Bongo, and the cost per year about thirty million rupiah. So it can cost efficiently,  he explained.

In addition, the occurrence of the name object changes but remains within the same shopping corridor. Like changing the office item of head of sub-district office to DPKAD, according to Arfan no longer need any discussion with City of Council. It refers to the Regulation of the Minister of Home Affairs (Permendagri) No. 13 of 2006 article 160 paragraph 2. Because only change the name of the name only, but the members remain the same, "he explained.

Regarding the question of one of the members of Commission C who said it is contrary to Minister of Home Affairs Regulation No. 154, Arfan explained that the contents of that article only explain if the name change also changes the APBD. So it is not contradictory, only that needs to be changed is the Perwalinya, because at this time the tender auction project is underway, he said.** 
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