Two Activists of Poso Became KPU Commissioners

Reporter/Poso: Ishak Hakim

Two activists from Poso District finally escaped to become a member of General Election Commission (KPU) of Poso District. After attending various stages of selection tests, both Poso activists are; Budiman Maliki and Wilianita Silviana Pangetty. Both are new faces in election organizers at Bumi Sintuwu Maroso.

Both were declared to be members of Poso District Election Commission, after following the last stage of selection, namely fit and properties implemented by the Central Sulawesi Provincial KPU in Palu on Sunday (9/7/2018).

Both are assumed to hold positions as members of election organizer in Poso District, after receiving a decision letter from KPU RI and will be inaugurated on Friday (14/7/2018) by Chairman of KPU RI, Arief Budiman. Besides Budiman Maliki and Wilianita Silviana Pangetti, an incumbent member of Poso Election Commission, Taufik Hidayat was also declared as member of Poso District Election Commission for 2018-2023 period.

Wilianita Silviana Pengetty, one of the Poso activists who passed the possibility of becoming a member of Poso Election Commission admitted that he never thought he could be qualified as a member of Poso District Election Commission after participating in various selection stages conducted by the selection team of KPU members of Poso District for zone II covering Poso District, Morowali, North Morowali, Tojo Una-Una, Banggai, and Banggai Laut.

"Never expected to pass all the stages of selection. The result is not useless, "he said when contacted via cell phone on Thursday (13/7/2018) afternoon. He asserted that after receiving the decision letter from the General Election Commission, as a member of Poso District Election Commission and after being inaugurated, he would carry out his duties as a commissioner with full responsibility and run democracy well in accordance with the prevailing corridor.

"I will do my job well and enforce the democracy in a professional and accountable manner as one of the main tasks in the implementation of legislative elections and the upcoming 2019 president and vice presidential election," he said.

He hoped that the support of the Poso District community and the criticism and constructive inputs in the upholding of democracy in Poso, is needed so that the implementation of democracy is going well.

"This is a new challenge for me as a new organizer in the upcoming democracy for 2019 so it works well in Poso District," he said.

Meanwhile, Budiman Maliki, who was also declared as a member of the Poso Election Commission, stated that his presence as a new commissioner in Poso General Election could easily compensate for the process and the result of democracy party in Bumi Sintuwu Maraso in the future. "This is our duty and responsibility in the future to uphold democracy properly and correctly and make the 2019 election qualified and authoritative and professional," he said.**

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