97 Disabilities People Received Social Assistance

Reporter: Firmansyah

THE SOCIAL Agency Palu distributed social assistance funds (Bansos) to 97 people with disabilities in the Family Hope Program (PKH) in 46 sub-districts in Palu. On (7/30/2018), Head of the Social Service Agency, Abidin revealed that PKH Bansos distribution has been delayed due to the constraints from the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, as well as banks as partners of cash disbursements.

‘’This is due to a delay from the social ministry. Because the aid is directly from the central ministry, "he explained. The disbursement process in every quarter, as much as Rp500 thousand/family. According to Abidin, the social assistance distribution was only implemented in the second quarter. He hoped that the community would understand the delay in the distribution.

The Head of Office, who only took office two weeks, also explained that in the future there will be verification of data on the recipients of Social Assistance by the Social Agency coordinating team. This is to maximize the distribution of the right target to people who are in dire need. In addition, it also updated the latest data on 97 people with disabilities.

‘’For example, the recipient of the Bansos is from among the people who are able, has changed their address and passed away, we tell the residents, that there will be a team that comes to the house in order to verify the data," he said. Furthermore, Abidin explained that the Social Affairs Office would also distribute social assistance to the elderly people.**

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