BPK’s Findings Rp10,8M, Prosecutor's Guts Are Tested

reporter/morowali: bambang sumantri

THE ACTION Of dozens of students and youth incorporated in United Morowali Youth Alliance (APMB) held a demonstration on 24 July 2018 last week in DPRD Morowali District revealed the findings of BPK Central Sulawesi BPK in May 2018 which amounted to Rp10,813,278 .522, - .

BPK Central Sulawesi released the findings that have been returned by the new Morowali Government amounted to Rp243,295,666, - so that the Rp. 10,569,982,856 remained, - based on law number 15 of 2004 article 20 says the examination of state financial management and responsibility mandating that the official must follow up on the recommendation of the audit report no later than 60 days after the audit report is received.

The mass of action also called for the transparency of the use of year 2017 which is the finding worth more than IDR 10 billion. However, it is not clear or the direction of use is unknown. One hour speeches, finally the Chairman and several Morowali DPRD members met with the protesters and responded to the demands of the masses and gave explanations regarding the findings of the more than 10 billion by BPK Central Sulawesi BPK on 2017 Budget.

DPRD promised to immediately call Morowali Government to explain the findings of BPK. There were three points demanded by the mass action at that time. First, the transparency related to the findings of BPK in Morowali. Second, asking the Morowali Parliament to urge Central Sulawesi Prosecutors to respond to the findings in Morowali District, and the third was Morowali Regional Parliament asked to clarify educational assistance. Morowali District students who according to information have been removed by the Government.

They explained that the funds amounting to Rp. 10,813,278,522, - were used with details including short-term debt payments amounting to Rp. 144,127,899,797, -, capital expenditures for land acquisition could not be believed to be worth Rp1,344,700,000.

The funds paid to unqualified Rp4.705.608.000, -, lack of volume of capital expenditures on three OPDs valued at Rp1,617,497,479, -, and overpayment of official trips of Rp899.415.267, -. Because the funds are not in a small amount, an explanation is needed from the representatives of the people who sit in the parliament.

Nevertheless, the District Attorney's Office (Kejari) Morowali was also tested on whether he was able to take any action after the findings were strengthened by a demonstration on Tuesday. The head of the Morowali District Prosecutor's Office, Harthadi Kristanto, who will be confirmed on Friday (07/27/2018) regarding the matter, is not in place because of duties outside the city.**
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