Enliven Eid Al-Adha, Regional Secretary Of Palu Released The Gema Akbar Parade

Reporter: Firmansyah

FOR THE Purpose to enliven the commemoration of Eid al-Adha 1439 H, the Regional Secretary of Palu, Asri representing the Mayor of Gema Akbar Parade on Tuesday night (08/21/2018) in the front yard of the Mayor's office. On behalf of the City Government, Asri wished Happy Eid al-Adha and hoped on this blessed day we could be closer to Allah SWT and further increase our faith and devotion to Him.

Muslims throughout the world, including Palu, are saying takbir as an expression of gratitude to the creator. But said Asri, as a good Muslim, it is certainly not only the chanting of monotheistic sentences but must be implemented through the realization of the values ​​of beliefs, attitudes and awareness of fellow human beings, especially in the City of Palu by maintaining the security, order and harmony between people.

"We hope the City Government will carry out Eid al-Adha prayers this year at the Vatulemo field in Tanamodindi Village, Mantikulore sub-district and also in the whole of Palu City," Asri said. Asri did not forget to remind her to maintain the tolerance and harmony among religious communities, especially in the city of Palu. So that the realization of security and order. In order to encourage one of the visions and missions of the city government, making Palu a destination city for tourist destinations.

The regional secretary also thanked all those who have succeeded in this activity, especially the parade participants echoing the Takbir with the hope of maintaining security and order throughout the trip, "Follow the escort officer's route and regularly drive. Hopefully we are always given protection, help and all charity worship we get the reward from Allah SWT, "he hoped.

The takbir echo parade was also attended by the chairman of the Palu DPRD, Ishak Cae, the elements of the Forkopimda leadership, the leadership of the municipal OPD, ASN and hundreds of Palu city community. The route starts from the city hall road to Moh Yamin Street, Basuki Rahmat, I Gusti Ngurah Rai, Pue Bongo, Kemiri, WR Supratman, Ponegoro, Cumi-Cumi, Komodo, Yos Sudarso, Tombolotutu, and returns to the City Hall street.**

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