Four Events Drive to The National Level


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GOVERNMENT of Palu City will push four regional events to national and international stage. That was said by Mayor Hidayat to a number of journalists, after the closing of Palu Salonde Percussion, (08/14/2018) night in the urban forest of Kaombona.

The four annual events according to Hidayat, such as the Palu Nomoni Charm Festival (FPPN) which has been recorded as a national agenda, Palu Salonde Percusion (PSP), Mandura Festival and Raodah Festival. Apart from that, he hoped for the support of all parties, especially the people of Palu city, "Thank God, this is a good start, tonight the enthusiasm of the residents is very high on the PSP event, seen from the many people who flock to this place, "he said.

Furthermore, the Mayor said that he had discussed the matter with the governor. Where next year the Palu Salonde Percussion (PSP) event will be held in the same place, namely in the city park of Kaombona. "We have held a meeting with the governor regarding the implementation of PSP in the future, for hundreds of years this place has been neglected. "Starting from last year, we explored the potential and used this location to be used as a means for the community," he said.

Regarding the standardization of the organization at the Palu Saloon Percussion Festival in the city forest of Kaombona, Hidayat revealed that the City Government together with several parties such as the Director General of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia and BNI had committed to improving the event in the future. '' We have committed to the Director General of the Ministry of Education and Culture and BNI about this activity going forward. We will also compile a program related to this event, Palu Percussion Round itself will be a branding from BNI. "Let us show it to other regions and the world, Palu as a pearl on the Equator," he explained.

The festival was enlivened by various music artists from local, national and even international. Like from the Matador State, Spain, which, during its existence in the land of Kaili, exists to visit several tourist locations. For example, in the Salena hill, the longest fox flying in Asia, downhill or mountain bike, Uwe ntumbu will be built.

One of the artists who took part in the event was Gilang Ramadhan who is one of Indonesia's best drummers saying that as long as he knew, only Palu city held the biggest percussion festival, involving local, national and even international artists. "Other regions in Indonesia, have never organized such as in the city of Palu," he said.

In his performance, the former Krakatau drummer, showed his best skill in beating the drum which was able to make the audience amazed. Starting from solo performances, by combining several other musical instruments such as kenong (Javanese gamelan) and ceng-ceng (Balinese cymbals).

At the end of the show, the Legend Drummer collaborated with one of the world's composers, Dr. Sutrisna Hartana and an artist from Palu, Smiet. They performed Javanese style with a blend of Kaili instruments, namely Lalove and Gimba and Gamelan and drums.**

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