HGB Certificate Of SPM Company Must Be Revoked

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THE CITIZENS Of Tondo and Talise villages asked for the Use of Building Rights (HGB) of CV Sinar Putra Murni (SPM) building to be revoked immediately. Residents demanded city council and BPN Palu to grant the demands of residents in the 4.6 hectare land. Thus came when a hearing (RDP) between the communities of Tondo and Talise, city council, city government and BPN (30/07/2018).

Residents asked for the revocation or cancellation of HGB certificates on 4.6 hectares of land to SPM and the cessation of activities on an area of ​​83 hectares of customary land of two villages. RDP began at 11:00 pm and hundreds of residents in two villages in Mantikulore came back to the city council. The aim is to question the continued handling of HGB and HGU extensions. The residents heard that BPN gave an extension of HGB and HGU licenses to SPM again. Sofyan R. Aswin, the head of the RDP, also allowed the two communities to be together in the RDP forum.

Section Head of Legal Affairs of the National Land Agency (BPN) Palu, Nurdin revealed that the issuance of HGB certificate was first issued in 1989 with Letter Number 8, covering an area of ​​109,680 hectares. The year 1990 was separated from a number 22 HGB covering an area of ​​103,680 hectares. Of the hundreds of hectares of land, according to him, the contract extension has not been issued.

An area of ​​15 hectares owned by residents has been used for the construction of the Central Sulawesi Regional Police Headquarters. So out of the 103 hectares of land, there are around 88 hectares left. By him, with a decree from the mayor not to renew the contract, then they fulfilled it. Over time, there is a program from the central government for the construction of subsidized low-cost housing (BTN Roviga) using 4.6 hectares of land. The residual land left over 83 hectares more. "Because there is a letter from the Mayor to delay the extension of the contract, besides that 83 hectares of land there is no activity in it," he explained.

The community representatives of the two villages, Ismail asserted that the community did not question the use of around 15 hectares of land for the construction of the Central Sulawesi Regional Police Headquarters. But the polemic is how to handle the remaining 4.6 hectares of land that has been established on subsidized cheap-housing.

In addition, they asked the relevant parties to revoke the HGB and HGU licenses of the two companies. As well as on the people's land, about 83 hectares of all activities are stopped. '' We requested that the construction of the 4.6 hectare land to be discussed with the relevant parties, "he said.

Responding to this, member of Commission C, Nanang agreed that the company's HGB and HGU permitted that carry out activities on the people's land to be revoked. He also called for any activities on the land to be stopped immediately. '' There should be no activity on the residents' land even if only an inch. Everything must be stopped immediately until everything has been discussed and get the solution, "he concluded.

Alimudin H Ali Bau as a member of Commission B suggested that a joint agreement be signed at this time, so that there would be no contract extension, discussion of 4.6 hectares of land. This will not become the obstacles for residents in the future.

Ridwan Alimuda replied the same thing. He suggested that the 4.6 hectares of land that had been established by subsidized low-cost housing would be used by the poor in the two villages. So there is no need for an execution that will physically damage the building. "For the use of land efficiently, I suggest that it will be allocated to disadvantaged communities in these two villages," he said.**
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