Hidayat: Airport Must International Status

Reporter: Firmansyah

IN ACCELERATING Palu as a tourist destination city, the services and infrastructure must be the main concern. According to him, in his opportunity to a number of media, after the 73rd  Indonesian Independence Day ceremony, the Mayor revealed that the regional government would push the international standard status of Mutiara Sis Aljufrie Airport.

"Through the instruction of the Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia, I and the Governor have been asked to improve the airport status in an international standard," he admitted. The city government itself, according to Hidayat, had contributed to this matter by land acquisition in the airport area which is one requirement to make Palu as a tourist destination.

In addition, the Mayor explained several other important points in the vision and mission, such as the realization of the beauty of the city, cleanliness, comfort, order, security and the impression of good money to travelers who come here, are very instrumental in the realization of this.

According to him, the city government formed several non-formal institutions that utilized local wisdom in each region in the land of Kaili. Like the K5 task force, adat and libu ntodea institutions or a forum to solve a polemic between the government, agencies and the community.

The function of the K5 task force, said the Mayor, was aimed at mobilizing community participation, in maintaining cleanliness, beauty, order, security and comfort. The traditional institutions or suro nu are community leaders who are tasked with solving problems in their area, so that they do not continue to the authorities.

The theme of several government programs said Hidayat, is Palu service city, cultured and civilized based on faith and piety by prioritizing the economic aspects. "Why do we prioritize the economic aspects because if a person is hungry, his culture, customs and faith will be lost," he explained. Therefore, the development aspects of the economic sector are placed as priorities.

Furthermore, building cultural values ​​is also carried out in the context of tolerance, kinship and mutual cooperation. The three aspects revealed by Hidayat will be guarded by tradition. Carrying out the Shari'a and write faith. "In this case, we want to realize a statement from the first President of Indonesia, Soekarno which the statement in the workshop during a speech in the city of Palu, October 2, 1957 said that Palu was a series of pearls on the equator, "Hidayat said.

From the statement, Hidayat said Palu had stated its attitude, that let us prove it to Indonesia and show it to the world, "Palu deserves to be called a pearl on the equator." "Fair and prosperous. So that people can enjoy it," said Hidayat.**

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