Hindu Sacred Art Festival Commenced


Source: Provincial Government Public Relations

HINDU Communities carried out the Hindu Religious Sacred Arts Festival which was attended by approximately 80 participants from 13 districts in Central Sulawesi. As for the theme through the Bondage Art Festival as a preservation of Hindu art and culture towards a harmonious people. This activity was carried out by the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion in collaboration with the Bureau of Social Welfare and Social Affairs of the Central Secretariat of Central Sulawesi province at the Sutan Raja Hotel (08/23/2018).

The Governor was represented by Provincial Secretary, Mohammad Hidayat, expressing the importance of carrying out a religious-based life in social life. "The performance of this religious comedy sacred art would be constructive meaning to transform various positive values ​​such as social values ​​and religious values ​​for the community life," he said.

The awareness to develop and preserve regional cultural arts, especially through jokes which contain religious values ​​indirectly will have a positive impact on listeners or connoisseurs of art, he continued. The provincial secretary also hopes that this kind of activity can be sustained, ‘’ Activities like this can continue to be carried out continuously so as to be able to preserve the culture which is a legacy of the ancestors and can enrich the cultural treasures that exist in Indonesia, especially Central Sulawesi Province, "he said.

At the end of his speech, the provincial secretary said, "Congratulations to all the participants and continue to uphold sportsmanship so that the graduated artists from this activity are truly qualified," he concluded. The Head of the Hindu Community Supervisory Division of the Central Sulawesi Ministry of Religion, Anak Agung Ananta Putra aims to carry out these activities to increase creativity. With art, it can build harmony in the millennial era so that integrity and innovation are fostered to maintain the religious harmony, "he said.

This activity was carried out from 23 - 26 August 2018. It was attended by the Head of Religious Affairs Bureau of Social Welfare and Social Affairs of the Regional Secretariat of Central Sulawesi Province, staff of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion of Central Sulawesi and Hindu religious leaders. As for the judges of Nyoman Slamet, Cokorda Semara and Wayan Mandiarta.** 

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