Local Coffee of Pinembani

Reporter/Donggala: Zubair

THE CITIZENS Of Pinembani, Donggala District is currently promoting a local coffee planting. A number of villages are promoting and producing coffee. Among them are Gimpubia Village, Karawia Village and Karamalongga Village. It is predicted there are about 75 hectares of coffee planting area in Pinembani, said the Pinembani district staff, Tasman SP told Kaili Post.

He asserted that, currently the coffee farmers are being intensely planting coffee. Even now there are ones who harvest the coffee. However, a number of obstacles faced by farmers are still difficult to sell their crops.

The coffee processing system is still a traditional system with makeshift tools. The difficulty of the terrain and the distance to the City caused the farmers to have difficulty selling their crops. Pinembani coffee taste is very different from coffee in Central Sulawesi. However, Tasman's current production is declining due to stem and moss borer. Therefore, the farmers need extension agents to assist farmers in Pinembani in order to increase the production of coffee farmers.**
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