MOROWALI, Financial Crisis, Special Committee Participates in Billing

Sahruddin Attamimi (white shirt) during a review at the Morowali mining company. Photo: Bambang sumantri/kailipost
Reporter/Morowali: Bambang Sumantri

MOROWALI DPRD formed a Special Committee to supervise, monitor and evaluate (Monev) local revenues (PAD) that determined the direction and posture of the APBD. This is because the district called petro dollars is now experiencing a financial crisis.

The Chairman of the Commission III of the Morowali Regional Parliament, Sahruddin Attamimi explained that the Special Committee was formed so that it could assist the regional government that is currently experiencing a deadlock in collecting PAD.

He explained, there were Morowali PAD objects that could not be collected, due to the weak government billing system. Eventhough the regulation is very supportive to take actions if the company fails with its obligations.

He added, the Special Committee will invite the regional government to jointly carry out the billing in the field and take action to stop and close business activities, if the company does not have good intentions in completing its obligations.

''At present, we will focus on a number of PAD objects such as excavation fees for C, IMB, street lighting tax, underground water tax and other tax objects. In our calculations, the total bill still reaches more than 60 billion rupiahs, "he said.

The Chairman of the DPD of the National Mandate Party (PAN) of Morowali hopes that if the bill is able to be realized before the end of the year, it will be able to resolve the financial crisis that occurred in the regional government, given that there are currently some regional government obligations that must be resolved immediately.

The obligation of the Morowali Government which must be resolved according to Sahruddin includes the salaries of the 13 civil servants, the salaries of contract teachers, health salaries and other obligations. "The obligation of the Morowali Government has a lot to be resolved, so that the rights of the Regional Government which are still in arrears with the company must be billed firmly, do not let us be weak" said Sahruddin.**

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