Pasha: Teacher That 'Producer' Creates Student Character

reporter: firmansyah

IN THE Music industry, a hero without service or teacher is like a producer. The orientation is able to form a solid character with rhythm type. While the school is like a recording studio that oversees a music product. That is school students such as the Deputy Mayor of Sigit Purnomo Said during halal bihalal, arranged in a friendly manner with the ties of SMAN Dua alumni (IKASMADA) on (08/23/2018) at his residence.

According to Pasha, the teacher is the representative of parents in shaping their students' characteristics, mentality, spirit and skills. So that they will become human beings who are useful for the nation and country. 50 percent of the time is spent in the school environment. He was very grateful to the 'unsung hero' in fostering and guiding a child who used to be like blank paper, filling it with knowledge.

"I, as an alumni of SMAN two, graduated in the nineties, knew that ninety-nine percent of students who were in the same class or before, most of them were successful," he said. The former vocalist of Ungu band was also very hopeful to the teacher, to give endless guidance to his students, so that in the future it can be a generation that can be relied upon in developing and advancing the region, especially the city of Palu itself.

In the same place, Central Sulawesi Provincial Secretary Hidayat Lamakarate who is also the Chairperson of IKASMADA revealed that the success of a person in his life cannot be separated from the intervention of a teacher to guide his students into good knowledgeable and virtuous human beings. "My father is also a teacher, but God wants other things, I can't follow in his footsteps. But we can become a teacher to our family," he admitted.

Between parents and teachers in the school, said Hidayat has the same weight, in delivering them in reaching all their goals. A teacher's service cannot be measured or assessed by anything. "Their devotion is unequaled in this world. It is invaluable by anything because their devotion in making a human being has the highest knowledge. We appreciate it as much as possible. On his behalf, I express my deepest gratitude for all guidance to us all up to this, "he said.

The Deputy Mayor in the event provided cash assistance for the SMAN 2 Alumni amounted to Rp5,000,000. The celebration was also attended by Assistant I of the Regional Secretary, Muh Rifani Pakamundi, Assistant II Secretary of the Palu Police Imran Lataha, OPD leader of Palu municipal government, Palu Police Chief AKBP Mujiyono, elements of Forkopimda leadership, as well as teachers and principals of SMAN 2 Palu.**
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