Santri Ceremony Above The Sea

Report by/Poso: Ishaq Hakim

A LOT OF 500 Students from Yayasan Fadhila Alkhairaat Tegal Rejo and the residents held a ceremony for the 73rd Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) over the Poso Sea where the ceremonies above the sea are carried out so that students as the nation's next generation, can better interpret the importance of the struggle and foster a sense of love for the sea.

The ceremony began at 7:00 am and the center was centered on the beach of Tegal Rejo, Poso Kota Utara Sub-district or precisely at the location of the santri foundation of the Fadhila Alkhairaat Foundation. The participants of the ceremony used sarongs and songkok, the santri together with the residents attended the ceremony while soaking in the sea water with a depth of about sixty centimeters.

In addition to being attended by the students, there were also Bhabinkamtibmas Tegalrejo, Bripka Ahmad Fuad, Babinsa Tegalrejo and dozens of mothers with Muslim clothing who participated in the solemn ceremony over the sea. The process of raising the red and white flag made by the santri runs smoothly without any obstacles, even though they have to resist the cold sea water in the morning.

In the ceremony, besides singing the Indonesian national song, the santri together with the Tegalrejo people then read the pledge of the students' loyalty to the Republic of Indonesia. Ustad Samsul Muarief, the founder of the Fadhila Foundation orphanage, said that if the ceremony above the sea is carried out as a form of fostering the love of the santri towards the sea and the homeland.

According to Samsul, besides that the students and citizens are one in the homeland and one in the nation who understands the importance of the Republic of Indonesia fighters. "Surely we are all one here who loves the homeland, one of the flavors which then fell together in the wet sea to carry out the ceremony of the 73rd Republic of Indonesia's Independence Hut," Samsul told the media, Friday, 17 August, 2018.

At the end of the 73rd Indonesian Hut ceremony, the students also prayed for the Indonesian state to be peaceful, safe and not divided which was then followed by the planting of coral reefs. Meanwhile in this activity it was also attended by the Poso Ministry of Religion, the Secretary of the Poso Alkhairaat Commission, Ibrahim Ismail, the Poso Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), Ustad Ustami Idris, the STAI Poso Campus and the Poso PMII.**

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