TdCC, Kebun Kopi Pathway Prone to Cyclists

Reporter: Andono Wibisono

ETAPE IV of Tour the Central Celebes (TdCC) for 1.11.7 KM from Parigi Moutong District - Topeaju Bora Monument Sigi District began to be worried. The reason is, this stage will pass on the Kebun Kopi pathway which is currently still in the work of mountain cutting and road widening, given that the remaining two months of TdCC activities will be held.

Meanwhile, the location of the Kebun Kopi is still under construction and opened or closed. Some points are still dusty if there is no rain. But, if there is rain then around the repaired location will be muddy. '' It is very dangerous for the cyclists especially from the overseas, '' said the source of Kaili Post.

A number of parties have asked Governor Longki Djanggola to immediately call Central Sulawesi Road and Bridge Hall as a service user and partner who works in Kebun Kopi trans Sulawesi axis. '' There must be a guarantee. So, it will not be dusty and muddy later when the terrain will be crossed, '' said the source of the bicycle activist.

In a statement via electronic message, Head of the Central Bureau of Highways and Spatial Planning, Ir. Syaifullah Djafar, responded to the recommendations of the provincial survey team and PB ISSI regarding the acceleration of the work of several more rehabilitated bridges. For example; at 104 KM, the bridge project at KM 105, KM 110, KM 115.4, KM 120.5, KM. 128.4, KM 131.8 and KM 133.
'' In essence, all road and bridge infrastructure that support TdCC must be completed before the TdCC event and those are national, provincial and district responsibilities, '' he answered.

Syaifullah also confirmed that the trans-Sulawesi route of the Kebun Kopi axis, which is the national responsibility, is the Tawaeli - Toboli (Kebun Kopi) road. The road rehabilitation in stages two, three and five. While the provincial road is widening at certain points, namely Tentena - Tonusu section, I Gusti Rai road South Palu, and the Ampana - Banawa section. Whereas for the district road, the one that needs to be considered is in Touna when it starts the stage two. And in Donggala on the site of the Goneganti platform, Banawa. "That is the concern," he said.

With the two months remaining of the Toboli - Tawaeli Kebun Kopi shaft safe for TdCC cyclists? Given the dust when dry and muddy when it rains? ''Must be able to. At least it has one layer of asphalt, '' said Syaifullah.

The Survey of TDCC 2018 Stage II for Stage I of Teluk Lalong Banggai - Bunta along 133.2 KM runs very smoothly by the Provincial Survey Team and PB ISSI. The team was received by Deputy Regent Banggai Mustar Labolo on 2 August 2018 at the Banggai Regent's Office.

The Provincial Survey Team and PB ISSI accompanied by the Banggai District Committee conducted a survey from the star line to finish Stage I along 133.2 KM.

Stage II Survey will be continued accompanied by the Government of Tojo Una Una Distrit with the hope that the implementation of Phase II Survey for Stage II star from the White Sand Ampana Beach tourist center, Tojo Una-Una to Poso District with a distance of 162.6 kilometers can run smoothly. The number of participants who came from various parts of the country, even recorded 20 teams from 16 countries stated their readiness to attend the event, including Japan, Vietnam, Spain, Australia and Russia. The drivers will later cross the 740 kilometer Trans Sulawesi road divided into five stages.

Team Stage II Star TDCC Phase II Survey of White Sand Ampana Tete B - Poso from Ampana Tete B - Poso White Sand Tourism Object thus giving confidence that the 2018 TDCC will run well and successfully in accordance with the expectations of the governor and all Central Sulawesi people that the TdCC will have an impact on infrastructure improvements and also introduce the world of Central Sulawesi tourism potential.

Stage III Star Saluopa Waterfall - Parigi Regent Office (5/08/2018) the third day of the TdCC track survey continued on stage III star from the Saluopa waterfall and finished in front of the Parigi Moutong regent's office. Thomas Safeei as PB ISSI's envoy and as a technical delegate said that Stage I of Teluk Lalong Banggai - Bunta along 133.2 KM, then Stage 2 of Pasir Putih - Poso along 165.5 KM and Stage 3 of Saluopa - Parigi Waterfall along 204.1 KM surveyed were very ideal for race bike racing.

Each stage has its own characteristics such as Stage two is a path that provides very challenging power and Stage 3 also provides its own attraction with a distance of 204.1 KM.**

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