The Uventira Expedition Team Discover a Lake on Uventira Mountain

The Uventira Expedition Team
Reporter: Ikhsan Madjido

THE UVENTIRA Expedition Team of the History of Culture and Sulawesi Stories Community finds a lake or rano in the mountains around Uventira.

The expedition, which was held on August 23, 2018, in addition to finding Rano, also found three graves 7 and 9 meters long.

"This expedition introduces cultural history and stories from our ancestors about Uventira in real terms and we must believe this area is full of occultation," explained the head of the expedition team, Hendra Busilemba to Kaili Post, Sunday (08/26/2018). Rano, which is about 6ha wide, was named by the team called Rano Uventira, and is believed to be the place where the astral creatures inhabiting Uventira cleaned up.

Hendra explained that in order to complete the Uventira Historical Community archives and fulfill the satisfaction of the historical enthusiasts of To Kaili, especially in the area of Mount Uventira, according to the stories of the people of Sulawesi, especially in Palu City as a place to live astral creatures throughout the archipelago and even the world.

At first glance, Uventira's history is summarized from various sources saying that when the colonial era many indigenous people were forcibly hired to open road access to the Parigi kingdom and its surroundings, many independence fighters from Kaili Land died to thwart the making of access roads to the Parigi Kingdom.

The Uventira Expedition Team found three graves 7 and 9 meters long

The climax of the resistance struggle at the point of the Uventira Bridge which took a number of casualties. It is said that the story of the water changed color to blood red because the wishes of the Kaili Land fighters did not want to be ruled by the invaders," said the activist the History of Culture and Sulawesi Stories Community.

It is said that the patih, Tadulako, and retainer from several kingdoms joined together to thwart access to the construction of the Uventira road and bridge, but the strength did not favor them much they were caught to be hired with very harsh treatment.

"This expedition wants to raise history not Uventira's awesomeness. Even so, the shadow of mysticism accompanied our journey, even though our trip was held from the morning before noon, "he said.

Uventira is a historical site of resistance to colonialism that is inseparable from its ferocity. Therefore, the community does not raise the Uventira occultation with the inhabitants of their astral creatures.

"That is beyond the rules of this community. But for those who want to discuss their appearance and appearance, they can come at our secretariat," Hendra pleaded.

During the expedition of a team of 15 members, the community was accompanied by 5 guides and spiritual people.

Access to rano and grave can be reached by walking along the path from the Uventira bridge with a travel time of 35 minutes. Of course, you must prepare yourself physically and mentally, because, in addition to steep and steep terrain, there is also a need to take into account the mystical aspect.**

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