Vula Dongga Offerts Traditional Music

Source of: Public Relations of Parmout

THE CULTURE Of Indonesian Central Sulawesi I entitled Vula Dongga or full moon which was held in Masigi Parigi's green open space (RTH), from 11-14 August 2018 presented quite a lot of traditional and cultural arts of the people of Central Sulawesi. One that is shown is the tradition of Mejila traditional medicine.

On Monday (8/13) night, Parigi's Cultured Young Generation Community (Gimba) recounted this tradition of traditional medicine through a theater scene. Since a long time ago, Mejila traditional medicine from Parigimpu'u village is still preserved.

This traditional method of treatment is a doctor or sando who treats his patients simply by reading a few sentences or spells and then licks or blows some leaves from one of the tree species which is still quite a lot of growth and is found in Parigi Moutong District. 

After the physician and the sando had finished reading the licking spell and blowing the leaves for the treatment, then the sando then applied and brushed the leaves on the wound suffered by the sick person, at that time all blood-blood was frozen on the wound suffered the sick person is lifted by the leaf and then the wound heals.

The compiler of the manuscript and story idea, Husrin L. Badja said, the traditional medicine tradition of Mejila was packaged in a story by including some traditional games performed by the people of Parigimpu'u village when the month was named. "The tradition of traditional medicine is still well preserved to date in Parigimpu'u village. Because the theme is Vula Dongga or full moon, we include elements of the game that are often done during the full moon such as gasing and engrang, "said Husrin.

In addition to Mejila traditional medicine, the night delegation of Parigi Moutong Culture also featured Anoa, Tilako, Didilauro, Nogasi and music creations. Anoa dance stories occur when the full moon arrives. Purnama is a natural phenomenon that is interpreted as a very sacred event for the indigenous people of Kaili Parigi. When the full moon arrives, the whole world strikes and rejoices, not only humans but also animals, one of them is Anoa.

When the full moon arrived, Anoa was delighted because the moonlight that illuminated the wilderness made Anoa come out of his bed to find food. Then the community also rejoices, both children and adults in the countryside by playing games, even when full moon is believed to be the right time to treat sick people.
Indonesiana Cultural Title Central Sulawesi I titled Vula Dongga is planned to be closed tonight (14/8) by Deputy Regent Parigi Moutong, H Badrun Nggai SE. Furthermore, this activity will be held again in Sigi and Poso Regencies.**

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