Banggai Is The Most Vulnerable Index

Reporter/luwuk: Imam muslik

The form of promise of election in peacefully, participants in the 2019 election, Banggai District held a peaceful rally at the Lalong RTH Bay on last Sunday. Banggai Regent was represented by Deputy Regent Mustar Labalo, Chairman of the DPRD, Chief of KPU, Chairperson of Bawaslu, Chief of Police, 1308 LB Dandim represented by Luwuk Koramil, the chairman of party and each success team for presidential and vice presidential candidates.

The peaceful action was coupled with the signing of a joint agreement of each party chairman, witnessed by the Chief of Police, Dandim, Chair of  KPU and Bawaslu. The peaceful action was also enlivened by Luwuk's walks. The Chairperson of the Banggai Election Commission, Zaidul Mokoagow, was convinced that although he had different political choices, all the participants were peaceful, but could knit together.

‘Hopefully this togetherness can be maintained until the end of the election in Banggai District. Today is the first day we carry out the campaign in accordance with its regulation is an election activity to offer the vision and mission of the program or the self-image of political parties. approximately seven months into the future we will carry out the campaign and will end on 14 April  2019.

In accordance with the release of Bawaslu, Banggai has a high election vulnerability index. This means that during each election in Banggai District, there is always a vulnerability. And this vulnerability occurs in three ways. First; the existence of an election organizer with no integrity. Second; money politics and the last is the issue of primodialism.

The Chairperson of KPU invited all election participants to eliminate the stigma. "We show in Banggai District that the elections have quality, and the election of leaders who prioritize the interests of the people of Banggai, obviously in every election there are those who are elected and some are not elected."

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