BASARNAS Morowali Officially Functioned

Reporter/Morowali: Bambang Sumantri

The National Search and Rescue Agency (BASARNAS) finally has a representative office in Morowali, although it is still in a use-loan status. BASARNAS uses the former office of the Manpower and Transmigration Office located in the Bumi Fonuasingko office complex in Central Bungku District.

Morowali's District Secretary (Sekkab), Jafar Hamid, who inaugurated the office's function in his address expressed his gratitude to BASARNAS for placing a complete standby unit together with its officers in Morowali District.

"Of course it is very grateful in Morowali that Basarnas already exists, so from that, let's support its presence so that we can coordinate with each other if we need assistance in accordance with their duties and functions," said the Secretary of the District.

The District Secretart said, Morowali administration in the future will try to provide a special land or location for the construction of its office. "As a form of support, Morowali Government is ready to provide land or location to build the Morowali SAR unit office building if it is needed in the future," he added.

Meanwhile, Head of Central Sulawesi Basarnas, Basrano said that Morowali's SAR alert unit was very positive, but in providing services needed support from all parties. "We are also grateful that the Morowali Government has allowed our presence in Morowali, one thing that is also important to remember is that vigilance must be maintained even though in this area there is a SAR alert unit, we must keep coordinating with each other" he explained.

Basrano added, in taking action, the BASARNAS team had been equipped with special knowledge so that in carrying out the task as much as possible avoiding the risk of errors.**

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