Beware of High Election Insecurity


editor: andono wibisono

CHIEF OF Indonesian Police, General Tito Karnavian predicted the level of vulnerability in the 2019 Election is quite high. That is why it needs a synergy of various parties to escort it. General Election Commission (KPU) and Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) are demanded to be professional and gave justice to overcome various.

One of the potential vulnerabilities, according to Tito, is the length of the democratic party agenda since the determination of the September 2018 candidates until the inauguration in October 2019. Also, Indonesia will host an international event, namely Asian Para Games which will start on 8-16 October, then the IMF World Bank meeting in Bali on 8-14 October. The last international event on 11 October will be Asian Leaders.

So the Chief Police was very serious in anticipating the various vulnerabilities during the election process by deploying 272 thousand police personnels assisted by the Indonesian National Army (TNI) and other elements. This security has been matured with the Mantap Brata password operation. He did not want the potential vulnerability to spread out of control. The important one is democracy runs safely and peacefully as all the eyes across internatioal world is focused on Indonesia.

The positive images during the election process will certainly affect the positive sentiment in the balance of the Indonesian economy. The media press, he said also has a significant role in forming a positive image of the country. He hopes that the media outlets do not give a bombastic negative title, to report on the issue of elections. Because people are so diverse and in a very competitive atmosphere. It is feared to create new social vulnerabilities.

"Facing this situation, and this year's presidential election is different from the previous one. Because the five votes that will be contested at once by the community. Then, at the same time, there will be different vulnerabilities. National contestation, president-party-legislative. In 397 days of Mantap Brata operation, there will be 272 thousand more personnel securing this operation. There is also the Money Politics Task Force. Once again I convey the success of the implementation of the Presidential Election and legislative election is synergy. This is not easy. We hope Bawaslu and Panwaslu can be good referees. And participants can develop democratic ways.

The media is hoped to stay calm. Not only looking for an exclusive news only. If everything works, hopefully it will be safe. “I hope this meeting can be continued to the district, sub-district and village level. We prevent any black campaigns, religious and racial tribes. It is not wrong to fight for aspirations. But don't crash, black campaign is a crime. We will act firmly because this can be divisive, "said Tito.

This was revealed during Governor Longki Djanggola's video conference on Monday (9/24/2018) with Minister of Politics and Security, Wiranto from Jakarta, with all provinces in Indonesia. Governor accompanied Central Sulawesi Police Chief Brigadier General Ermi Widyanto, Chief of Bawaslu Province Ruslan Husen, and Chief of KPU Province Tanwir Lamaming.

The other main official was also present at the Rupatama hall of the Central Sulawesi Regional Police Headquarters from the Rupatama hall of the National Police Headquarters. Among them are Mayor Hidayat, Regent of Sigi Moh Irwan, Donggala Regent Kasman Lassa, and Deputy Regent of Parigi Moutong Badrun Nggai as well as other officials who are the members of the Forkopimda.

The Coordinating Minister for Politics and Security who chaired the meeting said that there needed to be mutual awareness of all elements of the nation to welcome the democratic party which will take place on 17 April 2019. So that people can take their respective roles to the maximum in accordance with their abilities. And to the government both at the central and regional levels to prepare everything carefully and measurably.

"There needs to be awareness that the General Elections are ours, so that all can be called upon to carry out their duties. Keep in mind the success of the election is the success of the Indonesian nation which will produce the nation's leaders in the future”, explained the retired general.

The upcoming 2019 elections are different from the previous general elections. Because this time the people will simultaneously choose 5 candidates. First, candidates for president and vice president, both candidates for DPR-RI members, three candidates for DPD-RI members, four candidates for provincial DPRD members, and the fifth are candidates for the district’s DPRD members.

Furthermore, TNI Commander General Hadi Tjahjanto emphasized to all soldiers and all ranks under his control to be neutral. In addition, a soldier can provide good examples and a mature understanding of the people. The participants in democracy are a vehicle to deliver this nation to good leaders so that the community can prosper.

"The neutrality of TNI and Polri must be put forward. Personnel must not be carried away by the current, instead they must keep the awareness if the situation is not conducive, then the people who will feel it, the unit commander to build community maturity, if there are counterproductive things, we must give the true insights into the event of determining the best choice and national unity torn apart. Because the difference is reasonable, "in short.

The Minister of Home Affairs Tjahjo Kumolo, who was given his turn, ordered all regional heads to be obliged to support KPUD and Panwaslu so that the implementation was orderly. He underlined, the regional heads were not justified in intervening. Another thing that became the attention of the Minister of Home Affairs was the use of all state assets at a democratic party. Its use is prohibited even though the regional heads are allowed to participate in campaigning to support certain candidates. This was explained by him, considering the position of regional head was a political position. He urged the community leaders to also be involved in this national celebration.

"To the ranks of regional heads, it is obligatory to assist KPUD and regional supervisory committee without any intervention. Regional Dukcapil immediately arrived at the regional KPUD to prepare DPT because it was alleged that there were incomplete numbers. All regional heads are required to synergize with Forkopimda. Police and Satpol PP. The regional head is a political position. He may support presidential candidates, but may not use the state assets. Forkopimda involved religious, traditional and community leaders until Babinsa. We reminded that there are many associations with the village heads, but not under the coordination of regents or mayors, and they are controlled by the political parties. Those who can control are governors and regents such increasing the participation, eliminating the money politics, fighting the programs, concepts, ideas, against the expressions of hatred and slander. If it is found, we will reduce the campaign spokespersons if there is a word of hate.

Chairman of Bawaslu Arief Budiman completed the meeting by calling for his appeal to the Provincial and City’s Election Supervisory Body to prevent the criminal offenses and report in stages during the election. He also guarantees, that all Bawaslu members are individuals who have adequate competence. Because it has conducted training for investigators and in Bawaslu. And the results were continued in the Regional Police.

One representative from the Election Honorary Council said that the Election Organizer is an institution that has the potential to be sued for its performance. From there, we are optimistic and at the same time hope that the organizers will continue to improve the professionalism regarding duties, authorities and obligations. What should be done is the prevention and settlement. Another hope is that they can solve problems without any additional problems.

"The election challenge this time is heavier. 5 types of sounds. They must be clear and have the same perception in an adhoc manner and one understanding of electoral rules. Don't fail to understand. In the electoral technical issues that have not been regulated in the electoral law, in order to find such solutions, do not just rely on legislation alone, "he concluded.**

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