Brunei Invites Central Sulawesi In BIMP EAGA Sports Event

source: Provincial public relations

AFTER One day receiving the Consul General of Australia yesterday (18/09/2018), Governor Longki Djanggola received the envoy of Sultan Brunai Darusalam, Mr. Syafri as Director of Sports and Youth in the governor's office. The Governor was accompanied by several officials such as; Administrative Assistant, Head of Education Office, Head of BAKD, Karo Ekonomi, Karo Public Relations and Protocol with Chairperson of KONI.

Mr. Syafri delivered a warm greeting from Sultan Brunai Darusalam and Minister of Youth and Sports of Brunei Darusalam. Mr. Syafri appreciated the welcome from Central Sulawesi officials for the visits made in Central Sulawesi. The purpose of his visit invited the Central Sulawesi Provincial Government to take part in the BIMP EAGA Sports event which will be held in Brunei Darussalam from 7 to 9 December 2018.

The sports competition competed with 8 sports. The government of Brunei Darusalam hopes that Central Sulawesi youth can participate in the event to strengthen the regional cooperation relations.
Governor Longki expressed his gratitude for the visit of Mr. Syafri as the envoy of the Sultan of Brunei Darusalam and expressed his respect to the Sultan of Brunei Darussalam and the Minister of Youth and Sports. The governor conveyed the readiness of Central Sulawesi to participate in the sporting event. ‘’ Hopefully I can attend the event, ’said Longki.

The Governor advised the Chairperson of KONI to see the potential of Central Sulawesi athletes who could take part in the Sports competition. Anwar Panulele as Chairman of KONI claimed to send athletes to six sports. That is; swimming, takewondo, karate, pencak silat, takraw and athletics. The six sports are for groups aged 17 to 21 years. Mr. Syafri expressed his hope that the governor could attend directly to attend the event, "I will bring the Governor to see first hand the best mosque in Brunei Darussalam," he said while conveying an invitation written by Sultan Brunai Darusalam.**

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