Dandim 1308 Socialication For The Roles Of NGO, Ormas and OKP

Reporter/Luwuk: Imam Muslik

THE COMMANDER Of Kodim 1308 LB (Lt. Col. Inf. Nurman Syahrea) on Monday (03/09/2018) at 9:00 am gave socialization to the community with the theme "Improving the Role of NGOs, Civil Society Organizations (Ormas) and OKP in community life within the framework of NKRI". Located at the hotel of Dynasty Jln S.Parman Luwuk Village, Luwuk District, Bangggai. The people who are present such as Deputy Regent of Banggai H. Mustar Labalo, Dandim 1308 LB Nurman Syahreda, Leaders of OPD and Forkopimda, Members of mass organizations, etc.

Dandim 1308 LB in his remarks stated the purpose of the implementation of this activity was to carry out activities to CSOs, NGOs and OKP to enhance their role to support and participate in community life. Armed with the Knowledge and Understanding to strengthen the spirit of brotherhood and national unity. In creating and maintaining a conducive climate, there needs to be harmony between government organizations and NGOs.

In carrying out TNI activities, it is not only for the public interest and not only for the benefit of the members themselves, but for the interests of the Republic of Indonesia, CSOs and NGOs also have the function of maintaining political and social stability. The community organizations and NGOs as mediators of interests that occur between community groups so as to minimize the potential for social conflict.

One of the roles of mass organizations and NGOs is very strategic, namely as a support for development in Indonesia because mass organizations and NGOs are the embodiment of civil society that functions to bridge, fight for and defend the interests of the people.

For the sake of national stability and the implementation of national development as well as an effort to create an atmosphere that is safe, peaceful, orderly, peaceful and prosperous, a comprehensive plurality management effort is needed which involves the participation of all components of the Nation. Community organizations, OKP and NGOs are government partners in realizing shared ideals whose main goal is public peace and national order, in the midst of society.

The community organizations, OKP and NGOs are expected to be able to develop awareness of the people of the nation and state with an orientation towards achieving national development goals. To achieve this, three pillars must be fulfilled, namely the Community, Government, business/private world and individual figures, all of these pillars do not weaken each other but synergize and strengthen their respective roles and positions. The proud local government continues to establish community communication in order to find solutions to existing development problems, he explained.**

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