Donggala Budgeted Village Expansion

Source: Public relations of donggala district government

REGENT Of Donggala, Kasman Lassa will budget the division of villages in the upcoming 2019 FY. This was to respond to the many proposals for the expansion of the village so far. "There have been many proposals for the expansion of the village in 2018, but the budget has not been prepared because we are facing elections. God willing 2019 we prepare the budget, '' said Kasman.

Some villages that have submitted the proposals for an expansion in 2018 are from Umala Village and Toaya Village Sindue District and Loli Village Banawa District. The district government has responded to the proposal for the proposed expansion of the two villages. "The part of the government while studying the documents, in essence, we are very responsive to the proposal for the expansion of villages because there will be villages we prepare to become traditional villages," said Kasman.

In the future some villages in Donggala will be changed their status to traditional villages and cultural villages. The procedure for selecting village heads is not normal. I am the customary village head who is not directly elected by the community but will be chosen by the village adat council.** 

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