Donna Agnesia in Sombori


Reporter: Andono Wibisono

A BEAUTIFUL And smart artist, Donna Agnesia was also attracted by the beauty of Sombori Island in Morowali, Central Sulawesi Province. Donna's presence was accompanied by her husband Darius Sinathrya posting as many as 40 pictures of the exotic beauty of Sombori three hours ago on Donna Agnesia's page.

Donna appeared using a black cloth with a white pattern and shorts. While Darius looked relaxed with a short-sleeved white shirt and jeans. Both look intimate and enjoy the Sombori culinary. In her post, it was only written exploring the Sombori Island on the second day.

The soccer presenter while enjoying the sunset seemed to be chatting with her husband. Donna was like finishing the swimming after enjoying coral reefs in the sea of Sombori Island.**

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