FM3T Refuses Mining in Rapalemba

Reporter/Poso: Ishaq Hakim

IN MAROWO Village, the Touna Refuses Mining Community Forum (FM3T) coordinated by Hamsyah Pamu, refused the operation of PT Multi Dinar Karya (MDK) in the Rapalemba area of ​​Ulubongka sub-district, Tojo Una-Una. Although PT. MDK has obtained a Mining Business License (IUP), but since its inception and its presence have disturbed the community in several villages namely Marowo Village, Bonevoto Village and Padang Tumbuo Village.

FM3T Coordinator Hamsyah Pamu said that this was because PT MDK had never conducted a socialization to the people who in fact owned the land to be used as nickel mining areas. "Even if there is only limited to the level of the District Government and the Village Government," said Hamsyah when interviewed by Kaili Post via WhatsApp.

In addition, the company quietly began to mark the residents' coconut trees and made holes in the soil to be sampled. He revealed, the area is a land and community plantations in which there are productive crops such as coconuts, cloves and short-term crops.

He also said, if there is a large-scale exploitation, obviously there will be a change in the landscape due to the dredging of the mining material that will come out. This will trigger an ecological impact due to the loss of trees in the forest area which functions as a catcher and reservoir, so there is fear that drought will occur during the dry season and will result in major flooding at the height of the rainy season and decreased soil fertility due to reduced water supply.

Automatically, the community plants can no longer produce and will eventually die, so that the income of the people who are farmers of the plantation will be lost and there will be systematic poverty, he explained.

He added, FM3T together with the community also questioned the basis of the issuance of the Letter of the Governor of Central Sulawesi to the Minister of Environment and Forestry (LHK) of Republic of Indonesia, regarding the recommendations for borrowing permits for forest areas for production operations of PT. MDK in Tojo Una-Una, dated 13 July 2018. Because the timeframe was issued by the IUP with the Central Sulawesi Governor's recommendation letter is very far around 7 years.

However, the region will overlap the area within the area of ​​social forestry which has also been established through the Decree of the Minister of LHK RI. "We indicated that PT. "MDK does not carry out all of its obligations as stated in the IUP attachments mandated in the applicable laws and regulations," he added.

For information, currently PT. MDK has been pioneering the roads that pass community land and crops without the owner's knowledge, and mobilizing heavy equipment. "We will hold a hearing with the DPRD of Tojo Una-Una and the Central Sulawesi Provincial DPRD, and will report on the seizure of community land carried out by PT. MDK to the Central Sulawesi Regional Police, "said Hamsyah.

FM3T and the local community asked the Government of Tojo Una-Una Regency to take a firm stance on this issue because even though the mining authority was already in the province, the area in question was the district, especially concerning the livelihood of the people in Tojo Una-Una.**

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