FPI: Companies Must Be Investigated

Reporter/morowali: Bambang sumantri

THE PROBLEMS Of a stamp with Palu Arit Logo at PT CRCC in the Bahomotefe Village, East Bungku sub-district, was increasingly crowded. A number of organizations have criticized the existence of a logo identical to the PKI.

This time, the Fonts Regional Leadership Council of Central Sulawesi Islamic Defenders (DPP-FPI) spoke up. Through a special interview with the media, Ustadz Sugianto Kaimudin, who is the Chairperson of the Central Sulawesi DPD-FPI, delivered his press statement on Thursday (6/9/2018).

''In principle, we must know that sitting is a violation matter that must be addressed carefully and wisely, responded firmly by the government in this case the security apparatus that there is no tolerance to growth, development and good entry of the group called PKI because PKI was a traumatic nation, traumatic to the ulamas which they did not know humanity in carrying out actions, even murder, slaughter and so on. So, absolutely as a nation we cannot accept that, "said Sugianto.

He said, what happened in Morowali after so many people witnessed and then became viral that there was a Palu Arit symbol, stating that the public already knew in a country whose name was Indonesia more specifically in the Morowali area there was the Palu Arit symbol. "The Palu Arit symbol is a symbol of communist ideology that we interpret later in Indonesia, the PKI, this must never happen, it should not happen in this nation, it should not happen in our beloved country which has so long made this nation as an independent nation, then again that indicates the courage and arrogance of an effort to show that they grew up there, the communist’s understanding grew there "he continued.

Sugianto criticized the emergence of the logo and asked the security forces to seriously deal with the problem. "Therefore, we from the FPI, more specifically the regional leadership board of the Central Sulawesi Islamic Defenders Front, I strongly condemn the emergence of the Palu Arit symbol on the label of the foreign company in the hope, first, the police in this case immediately take firm action against the perpetrator and the company.

Second; to the police so this problem will not only be seen merely with an apology from the company that made the stamp, but really acted upon, as an apparatus as a law enforcer acting decisively without seeing anything there, which is clearly a violation.

Third: to the whole community and all religious leaders, the elements of the people who are in Morowali remain calm, continue to surrender the matter completely to the police, give their time to investigate and we as a community continue to monitor, pay attention to its development, do not escape it, until really this problem can be solved. I think that is what I can say with the hope that similar things will not happen again in Morowali area and more generally in the Unitary Republic of Indonesia, we see developments after this news is published, what are the results and progress of the examination, "he said.**

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