KODIM 1311 MOROWALI, Hold Muri Record-Breaking On Gemu Famire Dance

Reporter/North Morowali: Pariaman Tambunan

IN ORDER TO Enliven the 73rd Anniversary of Indonesian National Army (TNI), which was held simultaneously throughout Indonesia. Morowali's 1311 Kodim led by Dandim Lieutenant Colonel ARH Sabariyandu Kristian Saragih, held a MURI record-breaking on Gemo Famire Dance at the Bungku sports field in Northern Morowali District on Tuesday (4/9/2019).

Various prizes are prepared for the participants such as refrigerators, fan, dispensers and other gifts. The Gemu Famire participants are judged by TNI and the best are entitled to prizes.

The event was attended by Chief Morowali Police, AKBP Dadan Wahyudi who was represented by Morowali Police Vice Mayor Sapri Helmi along with his ranks, all members of the TNI Morowali, Acting Official Regent of Morowali represented by Tourism Head of Office, religious leaders and traditional leaders, as well as the morowali community.

At Kipipos, Dandim Morowali said that the Gemu Famire Dance was held in order to welcome the TNI-73 anniversary to realize a unity in order to establish strong friendship with the Morowali communities in order to create a harmonious relationship between TNI and the people of the Dandim.
Gemu Famire's dance was not a competition but enlivened the atmosphere that the TNI mingled with the community and also the Indonesian army. The students participating in the Gemu Famire Dance in the TNI aimed to instill the seeds of the young generation in the future so that the Famire dance could be shown to the public as well as the Dandim competition.

The participants involved for the Gemu Famire Dance included the TNI and the Morowali Police and were morally involved, Bungku 1 Public Vocational High School, 1 Bungku Senior High School, Bungku 2 Public High School, approximately 1,200 Basarnas.

For this reason, the Dandim appealed to the Morowali community and morally to jointly maintain a brotherhood between different religious communities, not easily provoked by people who will divide us, and spread issues that include SARA, so that there is no division between us.

"Let us close the ranks together, heart, confirm the stand for the sake of maintaining this Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia," said the Dandim. After the Gemu Famire Dance was held the Morowali 1311 Dandim, Lt. Col. Sabariyandu presented prizes to the muri record-breaking participants of the gemo pamiri dance.**

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