PT Wanxiang Must Be Shut Down!

Reporter: andono wibisono

THE DISCOVERY Of the seal of the contractor company PT Wanxiang Nickel Indonesia bearing the symbol of 'Palu Arit' was taken seriously by the community leaders, youth and Muslims in Central Sulawesi. The attempts to report Butomo's HRD head to the authorities for failing to use the stamp 'hammer sickle' instead of an alibi that can be received.

‘There is an alibi to be developed but it is strange that it cannot be accepted with the common sense. Is there anything about the HRD stamp dealing with China, how come it circulates in Morowali? as told to MUI Morowali according to this news. We ask that the company be closed first until it is clear to investigate it, '' said the Central Sulawesi Muslim youth leader, Andi Ridwan to Friday (08/31/2018) yesterday.

He also demanded that the case be handled by the State because it dealt with the Indonesian MPR's TAP regarding the prohibition of dissemination of ideas, including the communist symbols in Indonesia. ‘’ If it is not handled properly and measured by the state, we will demonstrate on a large scale the company. Don't use Indonesian National Army and Polices to take lightly the latent danger of communism. We have a bitter history with the Palu Arit symbol, '' he threatened seriously.

Previously, an advocate in Central Sulawesi, Edmond Leonardo Sihaan, SH, regretted that the Danrem had handed over the "Palu Arit" symbol case to the Morowali District Police. (Read the news on

‘’ I think this value is a wrong step and seems slowly to handle. Even though this is a matter of defense and security (Hankam) National, the question of ideology that is not justified in developing in our country. The ideology questions that threaten the ideology of Pancasila. '' explained Edmond asked for his comments regarding this matter (Saturday; 08/24/2018).

The issue of defense and security, ideology, separatism is the authority of the TNI since the TNI was separated from the National Police through Law No. 34 of 2004 concerning the TNI. The Kodim and the Koramil in Morowali should have moved quickly to investigate this case, so that the people would not be panic and in fear so that they would have a broad impact.

In Java and other areas, there were sweeping shirts with Palu Arit, Marxists or PKI and underbouw symbols. Many discussion forums were forcibly dissolved, many students and activists were arrested, but why did the case at the mining company in Morowali appear to be 'coordinated' here and there? Edmond asked, confused. "The treatment of the law must be the same, all the same before the law!"
It should be the same as what is applied to discussion forums, people who wear t-shirts or symbols. "TAP MPR No. 1/2003 is still valid for all parties who are considered to violate it." Do not give to individuals or discussion forums that are treated very quickly, but to the mining company precisely the impression is there is omission. Nickel mining companies operating in Morowali even with large investments from China, still have to comply with the laws and regulations that apply in Indonesia. If the symbol 'Palu is prohibited, they must obey it, if stubborn because they feel they have invested heavily, then the TNI must be firm.

‘Imagined, I regret that the TNI intelligence, the Provincial Government of the Republic of Indonesia National Police, which I think is cheated on this matter. This is a serious matter that must be handled as soon as possible. I asked Korem, Polda, the Governor who joined in the Muspida to immediately take a firm stance on this issue! ' I also asked the Governor to first moratorium on all permits and renewal of the existing nickel mining licenses. All companies must be evaluated with the case of this hammer sickle symbol.

PT Wanxiang Indonesia is one of the nickel mining companies in Morowali, Central Sulawesi. The overseas company turned out to be the company's HRD stamp bearing the ‘Palu Arit’.

Suddenly the stamp unsettled residents. The stamp was found at the commemoration of 17 August 2018, viral on social media. In fact, the online news of until last night has been distributed in 15 times by Facebook users. The stamp with the logo 'Palu sickle' which is identical to the symbol of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) is dated 17 August 2018 right at the commemoration of the Republic of Indonesia's 73rd Anniversary.

Morowali's 1311 Dandim, Lieutenant Colonel Arh Sabariyandu Kristian Saragih confirmed via cell phone on Saturday (08/25/2018) said that his party had lowered intelligence to carry out an investigation into the forbidden symbol in Indonesia. He also said that his party had coordinated with the police and handed over the matter for further action.

"Since a few days ago we have investigated and lowered a number of intelligence, we have also coordinated with the Bungku Tengah District Police and handed over the next handling," said the Dandim.

Separately, the Morowali Police Chief, Adjunct Senior Commissioner Dadan Wahyudi confirmed via WhatsApp (WA) saying that the case was still under investigation and several people had been examined. "Yes, it is still under investigation regarding the stamp, several people have been examined related to the stamp and we have also secured the stamp, but still investigating" he explained.

Dadan added that his party had examined Butomo as a signatory to the letter. "We have examined Butomo, but this is still an investigation related to the stamp because of course we must refer to the rules and regulations," he explained.**

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