RAPD-P 2018 of Central Sulawesi is Signed

source: Provincial public relations

THE CENTRAL Sulawesi Provincial DPRD held a third session of plenary session in order to sign the memorandum of understanding on the 2018 APBD changes in the main session of the DPRD (10/092018). The plenary meeting was attended by the governor, the Regional Secretary of the Province, the Chairperson of the DPRD, the Deputy Chairperson of the DPRD, all DPRD members and all the Heads of OPD of the Provincial Government.

Governor Longki Djanggola gave the highest appreciation to all DPRD members and related parties who have contributed their thoughts and energy in reviewing, discussing and refining the draft regional regulation on APBD 2018 FY.

The governor also said that on 5 September 2018, the DPRD plenary session was opened with the submission of an introductory speech on the financial memorandum regarding the draft amendment to the 2018 APBD, along with the submission of the draft regional regulation on amendments to the 2018 FY APBD and the governor's draft regulation on the elaboration of 2018 APBD changes.

6 September 2018 submission of general views of the DPRD factions, and continued with the submission of responses to the general views of the DPRD factions to the discussion of draft amendments to the APBD at the commission, joint commission and TAPD levels with the DPRD banggar, "Alhamdulillah a while ago it was agreed between DPRD and the regional government of the province of Central Sulawesi ", he said.

"In accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations, the draft regional regulation concerning amendments to the 2018 FY APBD and the governor's draft regulation on the elaboration of Amendments to the 2018 APBD which has been jointly agreed will then be submitted to the minister of the interior for evaluation," he explained.

According to him, the evaluation aims to achieve harmony between regional policies and national policies, harmony between public interests and the interests of the apparatus and to examine the extent to which the APBD that has been prepared does not conflict with the public interest or other regional regulations, "on the evaluation of the minister of the interior on both designs the regulation is then stipulated as a regional regulation and governor's regulation, "he said.**

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