The Inauguration of Parmout Scout

source: Parmout public relations

DAILY CHAIRMAN Of Regional Quartir (Kwarda) Central Sulawesi Province of Scout movement, Drs Baharudin HT officially inaugurates the branch quartir (Kwarcab) of Parigi Moutong District Scout movement for the periode 2018-2023 at the former location of Sail Tomini in Kayu Bura village, Pelawa Baru sub-district, Central Parigi on Monday (17/9).

There is no much difference from the previous period. The composition of the committee of the Parigi Moutong Regency this time was mostly filled by the officials of Parigi Moutong Government. Like the General Chairperson held by H. Ardi SPd MM who is also the Secretary of the Parigi Moutong District. Adrudin Nur is the daily chairperson of the Parigi Moutong District Education Office, Aristo SPd MAP is a Secretary and there are around 15 OPD Heads who fill in the position of deputy chairperson of the field.

Meanwhile, Regent H. Samsurizal Tombolotutu and Deputy Regent H Badrun Nggai SE filled the position as the Council of branch advisers and there were 11 main branches of affairs, ranging from binawasa affairs, binamuda, research and development planning, public relations and cooperation, information and communication, community service and disaster alert, environment to the affairs of the work unit and secretariat.

Aristo SPd MAP, Secretary of the Kwarcab of the Parigi Moutong Scout Movement, said that after the inauguration of the Kwarcab committee, he immediately carried out the task of succeeding the national cultural camp (KBN) IX in Parigi Moutong District. via cellphone, Tuesday (18/9). Asked about the future work agenda of the team after the implementation of the KBN, Aristo claimed that he had not been able to ascertain it, because he had to hold a working meeting "No, we are still focusing on KBN. Later there will be a working meeting, " he concluded.**

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