Two Factions Will Report Ishak to the Honorary Body

Reporter: Firmansyah

On the planning, Hanura and PKB Faction will report the Chairman of City Council, Ishak Cae to the Honorary Board (BK). Related to the replacement of the secretary, Rosida Thalib. The statement was conveyed by Commission C member Hamsir. BE from the Hanura Faction in yesterday's plenary meeting. He will report Ishak to BK.  Because this has violated the rules, ’he said.

According to him, BK must process these problems. ‘’ The honorary body must question this why it happened. "Isaac must be called," he concluded. The Hanura faction also said Hamsir requested that the BK's performance to be promoted. "The Secretary of City Council's replacement was regulated in law. Likewise with the council, so it has the same rights, '' he explained.

Hamsir also added that the secretary's previous replacement with Susi Elvira Wahjuni Mastura was invalid. The legality is doubtful, because it violates PP No. 18 of 2016 concerning regional apparatus. Law Number 23 concerning Regional Government. "PP No. 18 clearly states that the secretary of the district and city council is appointed and dismissed by the decision of the Regent or Mayor, with the approval of the DPRD chairman, after previously consulting with factions in the DPRD," he explained.

In addition, Hamsir revealed that as chairman of the faction, he had not been told until yesterday regarding the replacement of the secretary. So that the rotation is not the result of the approval from the factions.

Meanwhile, another member of the Palu DPRD, Alimudin H Ali Bau stated that the secretary's replacement was a big mistake. After the change, the five city council factions met the district’s secretary. Deliver as stated by Hamsir that the change must be known by the faction leadership elements and consulted with them.

But the same thing happened with the chairman of the Hanura Faction, he was never told about the change. "Our desire is that if the chairman of the DPRD does not like Roshida Thalib, call the nine factions to give his views," he admitted. Therefore, the Chairman of the PKB faction would report Isaac Cae to BK.

Responding to the intention of the Hanura Party and the National Awakening Party (PKB) faction to report it to BK. Chairman of the Palu DPRD, Ishak Cae invited the wishes of the two factions. "Later there will be seen whether there is my involvement in the dismissal of Rosida Thalib as the secretary of city council," Ishak said.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Palu DPRD's Honorary Board (BK), Rusman Ramli, told the media on Wednesday (5/9/2018) in his office that the written report related to the polemic of the secretary's succession was planned to be reported by two city council factions. oral. "For the official report, currently BK has not received it," he admitted.

As for the official report to BK, Rusman explained that it would be verified firstly. Then they will draw the conclusions about the problem in accordance with the DPRD regulation number 1 of 2014.

Finally, BK will decide whether in the form of recommendation only, or in the form of sanctions. Until now, the official report to the honorary body has not entered. But we hope that this will be addressed wisely by the fellow legislators, "Rusman said.**

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