Two weeks delayed, Today Banggar Discussed about RKA

Reporter: Firmansyah

After delaying two weeks, today, Monday (08/27/2018) Budget Agency (Banggar) Palu DPRD reschedules the discussion of the Budget Work Plan (RKA) of all City Government’s OPDs. Banggar ensures that it will return to discuss RKA Amendments in 2018.

The deputy Speaker of the Palu DPRD II, Erfandy Suyuti, as a member of Banggar said that the plan for RKA discussion was for five days. According to him, currently the RKA OPD is still under discussion at City Council commissions. "Later there will be recommendations from the commission related to the RKA discussion," he told reporters last week.

The recommendations that will be submitted to the Banggar, said Reo, will be discussed in order not to change the ceiling. In his opinion, if that can be the same from the beginning, then there will not be many opinions when discussing at Banggar. Because RKA has been based on the General Budget Policy and the Budget Priority Ceiling (KUA-PPA) that has been agreed upon.

Erfandy also ensured that the board would not play on Palu related to the RKA Change discussion. This will still be discussed with related Banggar and OPD members. Moreover, Reo said, the time for Banggar to discuss RKA was only five days. ‘It will still be discussed, let alone the time for the discussion for five days, '' concluded Erfandy.

Previously, the discussion meeting was delayed for the past two weeks. This is caused by several factors. Like not the quorum of Banggar members who come to the meeting, the RKA has not been completed, or the Budget Work Plan report submission will be discussed, submitted at the time of the meeting, so that Banggar members do not have enough time to study it. ***
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