Ustadz Abdul Somad Met Habib Saggaf

Reporter: andono wibisono

THE FAMOUS Da'i from Silo Lama, Asahan, North Sumatra, Ustadz Abdul Somad (UAS) had the opportunity to visit the residence of Chief Leader of Alkhairaat, HS Saggaf bin Muhammad Aljufri on last Monday night.  The visiting was a series of da'wah trips he had conducted in Central Sulawesi Province for two days.

Ustadz Abdul Somad received a warm welcome from Habib Saggaf and other Alkhairaat residents. On that occasion, UAS had a conversation for about 1 hour with Habib Saggaf, then had dinner before finally going to Parigi Moutong to preach in the area.

As scheduled, UAS first addressed the community in Parigi Moutong on last Tuesday. After that, he returned to stay in touch with the people of Palu City in the Great Mosque of Darussalam, after the evening prayer, then continued the morning prayer in congregation at Baiturrahim Lolu Great Mosque, as well as giving tausiyah.**

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