City Council Will Evaluate The Funds

Reporter: Firmansyah

THE PLANNING Is the City Council (Dekot) will evaluate the accountability of natural disaster funds in aid that enter the city government. This was confirmed, the Chairman of City Council, Ishak Cae, last week, in his office at
According to Ishak, one of the recommendations issued by Dekot after the hearing on 18 October 2018 which was attended by Mayor Hidayat. The City Council will evaluate assistance in the form of food, other assistance and cash.
This is because the City Government is obliged to account for any assistance, both goods and in the form of money, both from domestic and overseas sources in a transparent, measurable and accountable manner to the representatives of the city. ‘’ We will exercise the control and evaluation by holding the city government accountable for the assistance received from within and outside the country. It was also to find out how far the funds were used by the disaster victims, "explained Isaac Cae.
In addition, the City Government is obliged to issue a ban on building houses, as well as the permanent business, along the coast of Palu Bay. At least 200 meters from the coastline. "At that location, the plan is to plant mangrove species," he said.
In addition, the City Government is obliged to inject the number of victims, especially from the invited guests of the government, Indonesian National Army (TNI), Indonesian National Police (Polri) in getting the attention to be given the humanitarian assistance. “From the available data, there were victims from the invited guests from outside the area when the FPPN was opened at that time. Therefore, the City Government must pay attention to it, '' said Isaac. He added, that the municipal government immediately paid labor-intensive funds to the people registered in the program.**

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