Refugee's Children Invade The Car Library Service

Source: Public Relations of Parmout

IT IS BEEN a while, there is no any learning process at school. Hundreds of children in the refugee camp in Kabonena, Ulujadi Sub-district, Palu City, immediately "stormed" the mobile library car owned by the Regional Library and Archives Office (Dinas Pusaka) of Parigi Moutong District which was placed in the Kabonena refugee camp in West Palu.

The Library and Archives Service of Parigi Moutong District which is a member of the Bangkit North Sumatra Humanitarian volunteer formed by the Parigi Moutong District Government provides Library Cars Services for the residents in the West Palu refugee camp.

It was proven that the mobile library service in the Regional Library and Archives Office of Parigi Moutong District was in demand by the refugees, especially children. After opening on Saturday (10/27) morning, the residents who were mostly children immediately scrambled to read a number of books available in the car.

Head of Culture Development and Reading Hobbies of the Heritage Office of Parigi Moutong Regency, Absad S.Ag, M.Pd said that the car library service has two functions, namely literacy for reading and film screening literacy.

Absad added that the existence of car library services to entertain and eliminate post-disaster trauma. The most important thing is that library cars are also useful for increasing the reading interest to refugee communities, especially for children.

"I hope the library service car can eliminate trauma and can increase the likes of reading to refugees. People can evacuate but their minds should not be displaced," Absad said when met at the main humanitarian volunteer post in Parigi Moutong District in Mandiri Kabonena refugee in Palu on Saturday (27 / 10/2018) then.

Absad added, the Parigi Moutong Regional Library Library service car will operate in the West Palu region, especially the Mandiri Kabonena evacuation post, the Great Mosque evacuation post and the Balaroa refugee post. "Although we will serve the refugee community in the 3 posts for only one day, starting from screening the film and providing open access to increase public interest in reading, but hopefully it will be useful," he hoped.** 
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