Banggai Police Station Cares for Tsunami Victims

AKBP Pol Moch Sholeh

reporter/luwuk: Imam muslik

In a rented house, one of the victims of the earthquake and tsunami disaster, (2/11/2018) last week the assistance of Chief Police of Banggai District, AKBP Pol Moch Sholeh, was handed over to Fatimah's grandmother who had lived on Jl. Rajamoili Lorong Undata 1 Talise, East Palu sub-district, Palu.

The submission was represented by the Head of Operation of the Banggai Regional Police, Kompol. Djamaluddin Darise was accompanied by Head of AKP Binmas. Zainuddin and Head of Intelligence Unit Iptu Usman SH. To Fatimah, Banggai Police Station hopes that assistance can be used properly and help to survive in the refugee camps.

Providing an assistance to Grandma Fatimah, the Pasigala earthquake victim who has not been touched by the Regional Government, was based on information from one of the TV One reporters (Andi Baso) who was immediately conveyed to the Chief of Banggai Regional Police. 

Grandma Fatimah, an earthquake victim who is 80 years old, is now suffering from paralysis, and cannot get up from her bed. Every day, I just stay in a rented house with one of his 53-year-old daughters on Jalan Rajamoili Lorong Undata 1 in Talise, East Palu, Palu City (Behind the old Undata Hospital). After receiving the assistance from the Chief Police of Banggai, Fatimah's grandmother and family expressed their gratitude for the assistance given by the Banggai police chief who was so concerned about their whereabouts.

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