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SALEH Al Amrie (34), one of the many people who survived during the liquefaction process destroyed the Balaroa area, West Palu, Palu City. Precisely, he lives on Jalan Vuring, Perumnas housing area. Saleh with his two children and wife managed to get out of the house which had fallen into the ground, and a great fire, after passing the roofs of other residents in the housing area.

Ale, his nickname, is working as a temporary employee of Donggala Government, last week, said that evening, he and his family were in the house. No one would have thought that a big disaster would occur that day. Begin with a great shock, he felt his place stand down into the ground. The house floors made the ceramic cracked. The sound of shifting building rumbled around him.

"When the first shock occurred, I felt the house went into the ground. The floor exploded. Two toilets in the house immediately collapsed," Ale said. There was nothing he could do with such an important situation. His two children were bounced to various directions due to the earthquake shocks. Meanwhile he saw that his wife was only in tears and resigned to their situation.

By collecting the remaining strength, he tried to break the front door of his house. But what he saw was truly unexpected. When the door was successfully forced to open, his eyes were resting on the ground in front of him which towered as high as the roof of the house. The access of safe road, closed already.

But God has other will. In an increasingly critical situation, some walls of his side of the house collapsed. Without waiting for a long time, he and his two children were still in elementary school, and his wife escaped through the broken wall.

The situation was even tense, after he and his family managed to get out of the house, by climbing the roof of the house in the housing area. Not far from where they stand. Or around the Cambodian road, a great fire is taking place.

Among the land that is on the move, as well as the fires that occurred at the place where they took refuge, again they are faced with a difficult situation. "In the meantime, my family and I, as well as the survivors, stayed on the roof of the house. Besides the land was still moving, also a fire occurred not far from where we were standing," Ale said.

Illuminated by the blazing fire, Ale said herself, vaguely seeing several locations in the place moving by themselves. The voice of hundreds of people asking for help adds the psychological pressure to him and his family.

When the night slowly changes Fajr. Their enthusiasm for life is getting bigger, some residents in the housing area, showing the way to get out of the liquefaction location, gather with other survivors on the Kelor Road.

"All the property was buried with my house. I explained everything, Thank God we and our family survived. Until now, my child and wife are still displaced in the family home, in Tolitoli District," Ale said closing the conversation.**

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