Collapsed Ring Road Mounted by Elephant Stone

Reporter / Morowali: Bambang Sumantri

JALAN LINGKAR or what is commonly known as the 16/ring road line previously collapsed in Bente Village, Bungku Tengah District, Morowali District, Central Sulawesi, finally getting the attention of the Morowali District Government.

A number of trucks loaded with large mountain rocks were seen passing by carrying out rock loading and had diverted one lane for vehicles to pass. Head of Morowali District Public Works and Spatial Planning (PUPR) Office, Rustam Sabalio, confirmed that before repairing the collapsed road body, elephants will be installed so that if tidal seawater does not directly hit the road body.

"To avoid the waves that are directly exposed to the road body, the elephant stones are installed on the edges so that the ring road is not damaged anymore because of the waves that can erode the road layer," Rustam said. Rustam said that the installation of the elephant stone material would be carried out as soon as possible so that the road would be used as soon as possible by the residents.

"Now this is still the process of taking elephant stone, later if it is enough, then the elephant rock arrangement to protect the ring road from the hard waves, next week God willing, the elephant rock arrangement has begun, the contractor will complete the road ring repair as soon as possible, we from the Public Works Agency, it will make every effort so that the ring road can be repaired as soon as possible, "he said. **

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