CPNS Test of Morowali Is Evacuated to Kendari


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THE TEST OF Prospective Civil Servants (CPNS) in Morowali is embarrassing. The reason was no funding for the implementation of the CPNS test. So, it was forced to be implemented in Kendari City, Southeast Sulawesi Province.

Met in his office last Monday, Head of the Morowali Human Resources and Development Agency (BKPSDM), Ch.A.Badudin said that his party as the committee will carry out the CPNS test process in Kendari City because of inadequate facilities in Morowali.

"Facilities are inadequate, so the CPNS test is carried out in Kendari, but we think Kendari is closer, so we join together with them" he said. The former Head of Bungku Sub-District also explained, besides being constrained by the limited facilities, his side was also constrained by a budget for carrying out CPNS tests in Morowali District. "The Southeast Sulawesi Provincial Government is willing to accept us, bail out the less budget, so we are excited to carry out the testing there," he explained.

He added, the facilities at the venue for the testing were provided by PT Telkomsel as the winner of the tender, and BKPSDM as the CPNS testing committee would provide the facilities such as laptops and desks. "The costs to Kendari are borne by each participant because we have not received guidance from the leadership to finance it, we are worried that it could be a finding," he said.

From 2,013 participants who registered as CPNS in Morowali, who passed the test amounting to approximately 1,960 people, testing itself, said Badudin will be held from 16 to 18 November 2018, on the first day there will be 2 sessions, second day 5 sessions and third day 2 sessions.**

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