Debitor Forum Demands The Credit Removal

Translater: Jesica

DEBITORS Forum of Pasigala Disaster Victims (Palu, Sigi and Donggala) Central Sulawesi demanded the Indonesian government to remove the credit burden of victims of earthquakes, tsunamis and liquefaction. The demand was conveyed in front of the Chairperson of OJK Central Sulawesi, Sukri Yunus, when he held a dialogue in Bank Mandiri volunteer camp on Jalan Ahmad Yani, East Palu last night.

The forum assured that it would be impossible for the philosophy of 'Rising Sultanate' or Rising Palu to be easily implemented if all affected communities as banking debtors, and other financial financing (leasing) were still a burden on past subordinates.

‘’ We have destroyed homes, many families have died. The livelihood is gone, but it is still burdened with interest, principal and other installments that are non-existent to rise, '' said the forum secretary, Irfan Lembah.

The Forum also urged the OJK not to be normative with the existing provisions to see cases of abnormal humanitarian disasters in Central Sulawesi. ‘’ If an abnormal condition is measured by normative rules, it is definitely difficult to find a meeting point. Therefore there is a special policy and our aspirations are brought to Jakarta, 'suggested Irfan again.

The forum treasurer added, Faisal, that the delaying of credit payments was an incorrect and inhuman policy. Delaying a problem is not a solution. ’'In fact, we will still be burdened with interest. What is the use of the delay facility ?, 'he explained.

He also demanded that OJK Central Sulawesi dare to fight for policies so that foreign and domestic humanitarian aid funds estimated at Rp10 trillion could also be used for economic settlement. 'You have to fight for this,' 'he said.

According to Sukri, OJK has POJK Number 045 Year 2017, which regulates relating to loans that have problems due to natural disasters. Some banks have their own policies. Both state-owned and private banks must have their own policies.

‘'Removing credit will have an impact on state finances. Moreover, private banks definitely need additional capital participation by bank owners. The allowance for postponing payments and credit structuring for up to 36 months is also an option that should be considered, 'explained in a relaxed atmosphere of conversation.

Present at the dialogue meeting were UKM, IKM, entrepreneurs, ASN, TNI / Polri and other banks. Until this news rises the print dialog is still ongoing.** 

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