Earthquake Disrupted The Investment

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THE EARTHQUAKE That caused a tsunami and liquefaction in the cities of Palu, Sigi and Donggala affected the investment climate in Central Sulawesi. Head of  Integrated One-Stop Services (DPM-PTSP) Investment Office in Central Sulawesi, Ir Shandra Tobondo, admitted that the investment climate in Central Sulawesi after the earthquake had a slight disruption.

Although it does not specify exactly which sectors are experiencing a downturn, the point is affecting investment in this area. Even so, his party continues to strive for investors to return to invest in Central Sulawesi.

Despite the disruption due to the disaster, he was optimistic that the Central Sulawesi economy would soon recover. This is because the Sulawesi region, especially Central Sulawesi, is the highest growth contributed by various commodities. In addition, the Central Sulawesi region is an area that enjoys the highest economic growth in Indonesia thanks to the horticulture such as cocoa, coffee, including nickel and smelters in the Morowali region which are worth an investment of tens of trillions of rupiah.

So according to him, the medium and long-term prospects for investment in Central Sulawesi are still very positive. DPM-PTSP Central Sulawesi Province is the main liaison between the business world and the government, the Central Sulawesi Provincial DPM-PTSP is mandated to encourage direct investment, both domestically and abroad, through the creation of a conducive investment climate.

The aim of these investment promotion agencies is not only to increase the amount of greater investment from within and outside the country, but also to get quality investments that can improve social inequality and reduce unemployment. This institution does not only act as a proactive advocate in the field of investment, but also as a facilitator between the government and investors.**

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