Hamsir: Demonstration Of The Mayor Doesn't Have a Legal Basis


Translater: Jesica

ACKNOWLEDGING The movement by some of the masses in overthrowing the mayor's leadership some time ago, the legislator of City Council (Dekot) revealed that the impeachment action did not have the right legal basis. "We, the legislators captured all aspirations of the people. But the peaceful action should include the evidence that can be justified. If indeed the Demo form is a demand, it should be accompanied by strong evidences," Hamsir said on Monday (11/12/2018) in the room.

The well-known member of Commission C explained that the demands of demonstrators regarding the mass murder by the Mayor, due to the practice of being included in the FPPN process, as well as the neglect of potential tsunami warnings by BMKG, were deadlocked.

For the accusation of performing the ritual of shirk according to Hamsir, it is not included in the Criminal Law. "In terms of poverty, it cannot be prosecuted through law because there is no legal basis," he explained. This was also said by Hamsir, only an expression of the disappointment of some people. But it cannot be categorized as a demand.

"From the first I have explained to the mass action, that impeachment through city council is difficult to realize. Because it must have strong evidence," he explained. ‘’ By that, we just return to introspection. No one knows when an earthquake will occur. We will return everything to all our actions so far, "he said.

A similar statement was expressed by Commission B member, Moh Rum. According to him, the movement is just an act of disappointment from some people. Moreover, the clarification from the head of BMKG Palu has revealed that they have never issued an early warning of the potential for a tsunami wave.
Where in their demands they said that the Mayor ignored the warning after and before the earthquake on 28 September with demands for mass murder or Genoside.**

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