Head of Poso Health Office Witnesses Alleged Money Politics T


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Supervisory Board (Bawaslu) summoned the Head of the Poso Health Agency Taufan Karwur together with two staff as witnesses related to the activities of the healthy living community (Germas) held by the Regional Government along with the Ministry of Health in Silanca Village, Lage District, a few days then those suspected of being ridden by political parties (11/12/2018).

The requests for witness testimony to follow up on cases of alleged money politics of four candidates for democratic parties (PD) who had distributed the envelopes containing money to hundreds of participants after Germas' socialization was held in the title. The examination was carried out by Bawaslu Chairman Abdul Malik and accompanied by two other commissioners for more than half an hour.

When the media in his room confirmed, Poso District Health Office Head Taufan Karwur said the examination material was only about the extent to which the Health Office (Dinkes) was involved in the socialization of Germas carried out by the Ministry of Health.

He said, regarding the alleged invitation letter received by cross-sectoral was different from the invitation issued by the Regional Government and the Health Office, which was officially from the Poso Health Office on the socialization of Germas in Silanca Village, only 25 people for cross-sectoral LGs and we never gave invitations to DPRD Poso and from certain party elements participating in the activity.

But those who were present at the event, there were 300 participants, others came from Democratic candidates who were led directly by the Head of DPRD Poso Ellen Ester Pelealu who was also the legislative candidate for the Central Sulawesi province of Poso District.

"The invitation signed by the Deputy Regent of Poso was only 25 participants, however, after we learned the letter from the ministry of health, the remaining 275 people will be arranged from the DPR's expert staff," he said.

He added, the invitation we received from the Ministry of Health, Director General of health services was related to the dissemination of traditional health services. While some of the other participants received different invitations. The contents of the socialization of health services from the Director General of Health Services with the working partners of the House of Representatives IX commission Center, Verna Gladies Inkiriwang.

He also said, from the reports of its members who were present at the time of the activity from the beginning of the activity to completion, almost entirely taken over by other committees outside the elements of the Regional Government. This is not in accordance with the contents contained in the invitation letter, one of which is the protocol problem taken over by individual candidates and PD cadres.

For information, the Poso Health Office also ensures that in addition to Silanca Village, similar socialization activities have also been carried out in three different locations. The entire budget for the implementation of Germas' socialization uses the APBN.**

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