Jono Oge Refugee Children are Still Happy


Source/translete: antaranews sulteng/jesica

A NUMBER Of refugee children of Jonoge Village at the evacuation site in Pombewe Village, Sigi, seemed to be happy to fill in the days after the earthquake. 7.4 SR occurred on 28 September 2018 by playing various types of games after school.

Information obtained on Tuesday, the children of the earthquake victims who were in the refugee camps in Jonoge Village filled their time together everyday. They seemed to enjoy it, even though for more than a month they had to live in the refugee camps because the villages and schools had been destroyed by the devastating earthquake.

The games they do every day after school include badminton and soccer and a number of other games. When they are late in the game, there is no sense of trauma, even though due to the earthquake which actually made them miserable because they could no longer live in their own homes because they had been destroyed by the earthquake.

Likewise, the school where they studied was damaged by the earthquake disaster. Although they and their parents had to evacuate and did not know when they could return to their village, the faces of the children seemed cheerful. Like nothing happened. They can still smile because at the refugee camp there are schools using tents for learning and also playing fields.

Geby, a child at Jonoge Elementary School said that she was happy because she could still meet with his village friends in the refugee camp. The same thing was also conveyed by David. He said that while in refugee camps, they could learn and play as usual when they were in their village. As a result of the earthquake as many as 104 natural disasters consisting of PAUD, SD, SMP and SMA in Sigi were severely damaged and had to be rebuilt.

The Jonoge refugees who went to Pombewe village when a massive earthquake struck the village in Sigi District, now still need food assistance and clean water. "We are still lacking food and water for washing and drinking," said Eni, a Jonoge village cadre at the location of the natural disaster located in Pombewe Village, Sigi Biromaru District on Tuesday.

He said, in the region there were three natural disaster posts and all refugees from Jonoge Village, one of the worst villages hit by the earthquake on 28 September 2018. Both refugees living in posts I, II and III, on average still need a helping hand from all parties who feel concerned with the victims of natural disasters.

"Frankly, we don't know how long we can survive in the refugee camps. The average residents have lost their house and property due to the earthquake," he said.

Currently, they only hope for a lot of attention from the government, especially in getting the permanent housing assistance. Because to build their own houses, the residents have no ability anymore, because of the property, all of them disappeared in the face of natural disasters. Jonoge Village, he said, is inhabited by around 3,000 souls and the average farmer and rancher. While agricultural areas and livestock have been destroyed by the earthquakes.

"So, the citizens will definitely rise from the beginning again. While hoping that the main livelihoods will be farmers and breeders, it will be impossible," he said. The area of ​​agriculture and livestock which has been a source of life for the people, has now been destroyed by earthquakes and mud.**

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