Logistics Distribution through Community Leaders and Village

Logistics Distribution
Reporter: Firmansyah

Entering the stages of the disaster transition towards the recovery after post-earthquake, tsunami and liquefaction of natural disasters, obviously, it still requires a long process. One of them is the distribution of logistics for the community.

Mayor, Hidayat, in his office on Saturday (11/11/2018) revealed that the Palu Government was distributing logistics assistance to the public through the community leaders (OPD) and the villages.

"In order to accommodate the distribution of aid to the community, the municipal government does not serve the requests individually. It is through the villages by coordinating the related OPD," Hidayat explained.

The mayor also added, besides logistics, other community needs to be considered. Like MCK, electricity and clean water.

By this, he emphasized the Regional Organization (OPD) to the village level must play an active role in addressing this. In addition, Hidayat appealed to the residents of the city of Palu to report all the deficiencies that occurred to the IPD and the village. "I hope there will be no more complaints from the public," Hidayat said.

The leadership of the OPD said Hidayat had to take to the field at the point of the refugees who were their assignments in this transition period. "The DPO must accurately record the needs of the community's needs.

Hidayat continued to refrain from being reluctant to coordinate with local governments such as village heads and sub-district heads regarding their needs. "In this case, I hope the performance of the village head, sub-district head and OPD officials must be the spearhead of the Palu City Government. ***

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