Morowali Youth Figure Highlighted IMIP


 Translater: Jesica

The Morowali Youth, Niswanto Rachman again issued a surprising statistic regarding PT Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park (IMIP). He said, the presence of PT Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park (IMIP) in Morowali should answer the society issues, especially the economic sector. But what actually happened was the presence of the giant Southeast Asian Company which caused many social problems, starting from the employment opportunities for Morowali local children as heirs of Natural Resources (SDA) in their regions until the economic fields were all controlled by the conglomerates from outside the region.

Besides that, Wanto said, the concept of community empowerment did not work in accordance with the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Law. "Investments should be able to encourage an increase in the standard of living of the community by developing the concept of empowerment in accordance with statutory regulations and providing as many employment opportunities as possible to the local Morowali Community in accordance with their respective expertise," he said.

Niswanto also explained that the inter-group conflict that had just occurred in the Bahodopi Region could not be separated from the presence of PT IMIP because there was social jealousy about economic control and employment opportunities.

"The Morowali Regional Government has also made efforts to maintain an investment climate in one way to encourage the greater employment opportunities for Morowali local children, but it has not been maximized because the management of PT IMIP seems stubborn, don't blame it if "Morowali people take action in their own way without violating legal norms because it is PT IMIP that tries to open the wide spaces of conflict between the local Morowali job seeker community and the company" he said. ***

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