PRCPB Marines and Kostrad Leave Pasigala

PRCPB Marines and Kostrad Leave Pasigala
source: provincial military/public relations

01/11/2018), last week the Marines and Kostrad Disaster Response (PRCPB) quick reaction forces were withdrawn or left the affected area of ​​the Pasigala disaster (Palu, Sigi and Donggala), Central Sulawesi. PRCPB and Kostrad were drawn to the base after a month handling the earthquake, liquefaction and tsunami disasters.

A force of 656 Marines from Pasmar 1 Jakarta and Pasmar 2 Surabaya, last Saturday returned to Surabaya and Jakarta with KRI Ende Bay 517. While today the Kostrad Composite Battalion Force consists of Health personnel, Combat Engineers and Supplies/Transportation following returning to the main of his troops in Jakarta with KRI Teluk Manado.

These troops are designed to provide the humanitarian assistance quickly, therefore these troops are equipped with field health personnel, capable personnel of engineers equipped with heavy equipment and carpentry and supplies/transportation personnel who can deploy the on-site kitchens and provide transportation faster in disaster areas.**

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