REI Requested to Correct BPHTB Fees


Translater: Jesica

THE LEADERSHIP BOARD Of Regional Real Estate Indonesia (REI) Central Sulawesi hopes that Governor Longki Djanggola re-corrected the land acquisition and building rights (BPHTB). This was to support the rise of Central Sulawesi after the disaster. This was said by Acting Chairperson of Central Sulawesi DPD REI, Prediyanto Tempali in front of the governor when he met (11/21/2018).

The audiences of DPD REI to the Governor, also intended to stay in touch, also want to communicate, and coordinate about the Rise of Central Sulawesi tagline, post-disaster.

‘’We from REI want to convey the disaster that happened to Pasigala requiring recovery in the various sectors, one of which is in the property sector because many residents have an impact.

Therefore, DPD REI of Central Sulawesi asked the Provincial Government through the Governor to facilitate the City Government which had the effect of encouraging the local government to free BPHTP fees, especially the subsidized houses. ''he explained. Because so far, according to Prediyanto, the prospective borrowers have difficulties regarding BPHTB costs, especially when the community of Pasigala is still in the recovery stage. Prediyanto explained before the Governor.

Governor Longki welcomed the arrival of Acting Chairperson of the DPD REI Central Sulawesi along with its staff, as our regional government will strive and coordinate or to encourage local governments if they can release or cut costs related to BPHTB. According to the Governor, the Provincial Government cannot make decisions regarding this matter as BPHTB is one of the PAD of the City Government and Regional Government. But we as the Provincial Government can only facilitate and help to encourage the local government regarding the policy.

Obviously, the governor also presented at this audience were the Head of the Central Sulawesi Provincial ESDM Office, the Head of the Central Sulawesi Perkimtan Office and other related parties.**

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