Anutapura Hospital Loss Rp.9 Billion

Until now, Anutapura Hospital is still in looting. Estimated IDR 9 billion in losses to the regional hospital. This was revealed by the Director of the General Hospital, Dr. Ruslan R Ramli. S.pS in his room on Tuesday (6/11/2018). "Just today, looting has taken place. The various equipment such as TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, laptops, beds, tables they bring home," he admitted.

In addition, continued Ruslan, looters committed acts of violence using sharp weapons (Badik), and threatened the Satpol PP who guarded the hospital. If you dare to block you will be hardened. So that law enforcement officials and employees do not dare to prevent it. Finally they are free to take whatever items are there.

It happened the first time, Ruslan said, during the two post-disaster days of 28 September 2018. ’'We have reported this to the local police, to carry out investigations and arrest of the perpetrators of looting," he concluded.

By him, he appealed to the looters, to voluntarily return the hospital inventory. ‘’ All equipment in this hospital is owned by the government. Therefore, we ask their awareness to return the assets, Ruslan asked.

He added that this was a criminal case. "I have also come to collectors of used goods, such as scrap metal. Not to buy goods that have a hospital strike. Because they can be polarized with accusations," said Ruslan.

From several looters, said Ruslan. There is already a return to hospital assets. Namely AC. This is because their faces were successfully photographed, and uploaded in social media. "There are some people who have returned their loot. That's because their faces have been recorded. And only a few units of air conditioner," he said. ***

translete: jesica Porogoi

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