The Provincial Government: Rolled Out Aid To The Districts And Sub District Heads of Rp3,6 billion

Translater: Jesica porogoi

GOVERNOR Longki Djanggola accompanied by Chairman of DPRD Aminuddin Ponulele provided financial assistance in the amount of Rp 3,675 billion to sub-districts and villages throughout Central Sulawesi. The assistance is to support increased performance and public services in districts/cities in a sustainable manner.

The details of financial assistance are; Palu City Rp. 396 million, Donggala Rp. 294 million, Poso Rp. 453 million, Banggai Rp. 621 million, Tolitoli Rp. 186 million, Morowali Rp. 17 million, Bangkep Rp. 208 million, Buol Rp. 20 million, Tojo Una Una Rp. 252 million, Parmout Rp.375 million, Banggai Laut Rp. 123 million and North Morowali Rp. 168 million.

The distribution of aid is coupled with the Governor's working meeting with the regents, mayors and sub-district heads of Central Sulawesi in 2018 at the main Polibu Building of the Central Sulawesi Quality Assurance Agency (LPMP) office on Monday (11/12/2018).

The Governor appreciates the presence of all participants as the responsibility of implementing government development, empowering and providing services to the community. The working meeting aims to further improve the coordination of governance in the regions in building synergy and synchronization of programs and activities to be carried out.

According to Longki, next year a democratic party will be held, namely the election of president and vice president as well as legislative elections. “For that state civil apparatus in contributing to the success of democratic election parties and must obey all rules so that their position must be neutral”.

"I remind all the ASN to maintain the neutrality during the election, the government will not hesitate to give strict sanctions if there are ASNs that try to become a success team, campaigners, provide facilities for campaign support or other non-neutral forms of action, thus making the election year "An orderly and polite front," said Longki.

Furthermore, the Governor added that regional spatial planning (RTRW) of an area is important to be done, especially in areas with potential natural disasters. For this reason, the participants should be able to harmonize the potential of disaster risk into the RTRW because the aim is to realize the regional space that meets the development needs by always being environmentally sound, efficient, synergetic and can be used as a reference in the preparation of development programs to achieve the community welfare.

In addition, the purpose and objectives of the RTRW are to control development both by the government and the community, then plan and integrate the development programs in an area.

According to the Governor in accordance with the agreement of the Ministry related to the areas affected by tsunami, earthquake and liquefaction, the Central Sulawesi Spatial Plan and the changes to the Spatial Plan were carried out very fundamentally because they functioned as disaster mitigation efforts.**

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